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Jibe Meaning. Meaning of jibe in english. That means much of the original scaffolding of the institution — parts of which are still in place today — doesn't jibe with more modern expectations for the service to turn a.

Jibe With Synonyms That Belongs To Phrases
Jibe With Synonyms That Belongs To Phrases from synonym.tech

To stop and refuse to go forward), old norse geipa (to talk nonsense). Jibe meaning, definition, what is jibe: 2 verb to jibe means to say something rude or insulting which is intended to make another person look foolish.

An unkind remark intended to make someon.:

Her explanation is likely to jibe with what he said. Jibe meaning, definition, usage, etymology, pronunciation, examples, parts of speech, derived terms, inflections collated together for your perusal. 'sandra stayed at home, away from the taunts and jibes of her white schoolfellows, and illicitly befriended the children of the family's black nanny.' This word is included in each student's vocabulary.

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